You want to build even deeper connections with your customers; get to market faster and smarter than your competitors, and pave the way to platforms and relationships that scale as fast as your ideas? 

We get it.

With technology at the core, Workstate partners with you to vastly improve the economics of your business by innovating how you source, scale and manage development teams. We focus on attracting, hiring and retaining top software talent, and believe that everything – from our career path, to our organizational structure, to our physical offices – contributes to the quality of our teams. By choosing Workstate, you immediately receive all of these benefits for your organization without the sunk costs, years of investment, and risk involved in building or finding technology talent on your own.

Through world-class digital experience partnerships, we help you deliver the right customer experiences at the right time to engage and exceed expectations. In 20+ years of providing custom software development solutions, we’ve worked intimately with many Content Management Systems (CMS) and Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) – some platforms are now mere memories, and others have grown into robust offerings. Workstate specializes in assisting with platform selection and evaluation, because we know that one solution does not fit every enterprise need. That said, helping clients upgrade platforms, migrate to a new DXP or integrate two (or more!) systems is certainly in our wheelhouse as well.