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Don't get held back by proprietary systems or legacy technologies.  With Agility CMS, anything is possible.

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We don't dictate how your content is presented. Use one of our starter templates to bootstrap development, or create your own.

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Agility has APIs for everything. Use our REST or GraphQL API. Try our Sync SDK for limitless speed and our Management API for populating content.

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With Agility CMS, you can host and deploy your projects anywhere, making it compatible with any DevOps pipeline.

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Agility CMS works seamlessly with all of the most popular website frameworks.


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Get going quickly with starters for Jamstack and ASP.NET. Or use our Javascript SDK or RESTful API for development in any language.


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Use Vercel or Gatsby for quicker deployment, run everything in Azure DevOps, or setup your own custom DevOps pipeline.


Use any hosting environment

Deploy to any hosting environment you want with dedicated integrations with Vercel and Netlify.

Easy to integrate and extend

Make your experience look and feel exactly how you want with our fully extensible platform and lightning fast integrations.  Whether it's with our flexible APIs, webhooks, or world-class integration partners, the sky's the limit.

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90% Improvement in Page Load Time

With Agility CMS, the Hockey Canada site set three new record highs and received page views in the millions. The site was able to handle it every time without a glitch.

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"The Agility team is knowledgeable and works diligently to ensure the success of its clients. The platform is flexible and powerful enough for all of our projects while remaining approachable for a range of non-technical staff."

Craig Cameron

Director, Web and Digital Properties at Hockey Canada

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