Why Choose Agility?

The Benefits of a Content-First Approach

Unlike most content management systems, we take a true content-first approach to structuring and delivering your digital content. That’s because we know that focusing on content early on in the design process can save you time and money, and deliver better experiences.

Iterate Instead of Rebuild

Keeping your digital properties fresh and engaging is a challenge for any brand. With Agility, your content is separated from the front-end experience, which means you can iterate, experiment, and improve without having to rebuild or migrate your content every time.

Deliver Omnichannel Experiences

The customer journey doesn’t start and end on your website anymore. Whether it’s for your mobile app, smart TV interface, email campaign, or in-store digital signage, well-structured content is essential for delivering the seamless omnichannel experiences that today’s consumers have come to expect.

Improve Your Process

Leaving content to the end of the design process is one of the most common reasons digital projects go over budget and launch behind schedule. Considering your content architecture early on in the process allows you to deliver better experiences faster and more efficiently.

Agility Vs Traditional CMS

Sure, a traditional CMS like WordPress may be simple to setup and use. But that ease-of-use comes with a number of drawbacks if you’re trying to create and manage modern, dynamic digital experiences.

Epic Flexibility

Agility’s API-first technology gives you the flexibility to use any framework or language you want. That means less time learning and more time building cool stuff.
Traditional CMSs often require developers to work in a specific programming language.

Future Proof Content

By separating your content and presentation layers, Agility makes it easy to update and iterate without having to touch your CMS.
With a traditional CMS, the cost of rebuilding your website or integrating a new digital channel can be prohibitive.

Omnichannel Delivery

With Agility, you can manage all of your content in one place and send it to multiple touchpoints across the customer journey.
Most traditional CMSs were designed to support a single website or channel.

Agility Vs Headless CMS

While a headless CMS gives you the flexibility and modern architecture to deliver engaging experiences quickly and cost-effectively, they're often difficult to use by editors and marketers who are used to the familiar authoring experience of a traditional CMS.

Intuitive Authoring Experience

Agility’s easy-to-use authoring experience makes it easy for non-technical users to create, structure, and move new pages around your website.
Most headless CMSs require a developer to make changes or create new page types.

Faster Development

Agility makes it easy to build solutions faster with features like page management, sitemap management, URL routing and more...
Most headless CMSs require you to build out each of these custom per rollout.

No Limits

Agility offers unlimited content definitions on all pricing plans, so you can design your content model how you want.
Other headless CMSs limit the number of content definitions (types) and relationships you can have unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

See How Agility Stacks Up Against the Competition

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  • Strapi
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  • Sanity
  • Strapi
  • GraphCMS
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  • Sanity
  • Strapi
  • GraphCMS
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  • Wordpress
Kentico Kontent
  • Sanity
  • Strapi
  • GraphCMS
  • DatoCMS
  • Wordpress
Headless/API First
Managed SaaS Platform
Free Version--
Unlimited Content Models / Types$$$
Content Relationships
Custom Fields$$$
Page Management---
Support for Modules---
Sitemap/URL Management---
Rich Text Editor
Asset Management
Multi-language Capabilities
Sync SDK
Global CDN
Hosting PlatformAzure (USA + Canada)AWSAmazon AWSAzure
Dedicated Support Available
Business Incorporated2002201320162009
Content Modelling UI-
Image Editor--
Unlimited # of API Requests$$$--
Unlimited # of Asset Requests$$$-
Unlimited Content Items (Entries)$$$-
Self Service PlansFree Trial Only
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