Mitsubishi Electric: Driving Innovation with Digital Transformation powered by Agility CMS

MEPPI adds products & industries as their business expands, while Agility CMS provides an agile and future-proof platform for content expansion. Read more!


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Engineering and manufacturing of electric power and electronic technologies that drive the North American energy, rail transportation, and large-scale video display markets.

Mitsubishi needed an innovative CMS

MEPPI USA, a major North American manufacturer of electric technology products, was going through a full digital transformation with the goal of building digital properties to match their leadership position in the market.

The fast-paced innovation required a flexible and reliable headless CMS solution that was easy to use and responsive to the needs of numerous product teams, marketing specialists, and RnD managers.




Omnichannel SolutionOmnichannel Solution

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The ability to provide fast digital implementation 

Agility CMS was chosen as a headless CMS provider to ensure a successful and fast implementation of digital brand strategy. After a detailed content architecture collaboration with the Agility team, the Main website was fully rebuilt and successfully launched in 2020.

Agility CMS is used for managing content for MEPPI across 3 major markets, 16 industries, and dozens of products. MEPPI adds new products and industries as their business expands, while Agility CMS provides an agile and future-proof platform for content expansion.  

Continued satisfaction with Agility CMS 

MEPPI continues to be a successful Agility CMS implementation owning to factors like:

  1. A hybrid architecture blending both traditional and headless CMS concepts with features like easy Page Management, intuitive URL, and Sitemap Management
  2. Design and content can be separated in order to manage content without worrying about design; the more technical aspects of the site can be accomplished without interfering with the design or content
  3. Ability to develop the front end, back end, and content independently of each other, which minimizes downtime due to bottlenecks in the process
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