GIVE LOVE TO YOUR EX: Create An Unparalleled Editor Experience (EX) Using a Headless CMS + Gatsby

Past WebinarJul 16, 20204:00PM
  • Can't preview content before publishing or preview takes too long?
  • Limited control over the sitemap?
  • Limited control over what content is on what page?

JAMstack has done wonders for the developer and user experience of building and using websites.

They are faster, more reliable, and easier to build. Unfortunately, the editor experience (EX) is far too often overlooked.

Developers are learning how to build sites using Headless CMSs and JAMstack, but aren't taking into account the needs of editors. You know, the folks that actually manage the website.

In this talk, we are delighted to have special guests, Josh Comeau from Gatsby and James Vidler from Agility CMS. Together, they'll discuss the current landscape and how both Agility and Gatsby are working together to address the pain points of editors and what developers can do collectively to be more inclusive in their solutions.


  1. Why the Editor Experience is important
  2. What Editors don't like
  3. How to address Editor issues


  1. You are into JAMstack, but wary of how this changes the Editor Experience
  2. You are using Gatsby and you want to learn about Gatsby Cloud/Preview
  3. You want to learn about the power of Agility CMS Page Management

Host: James Vidler, VP of Product Agility CMS. VR game enthusiast. Dog person.

Guest: Josh Comeau. Staff software engineer at Gatsby Inc. Instructor at Concordia Bootcamps. Beat Saberer. Cat person. :) 
Check out Josh's blog here!


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