Become Agility partner

Hear from our partners.

Here is why our partners love Agility CMS.

Questions on becoming a partner?

Will I get leads from Agility?

Yes, but we expect leads from you too!  This is a partnership and we want to work together to help both companies and our customers succeed. 

What if as a partner I determine Agility isn't the right fit for a potential lead from Agility?

The last thing we want is anyone recommending Agility when it isn't the right fit. We support our partners and expect them to be honest and recommend the best solutions. If you feel Agility isn't a good fit, please let us know, this allows us to understand the situations where Agility either might need to be built out or just to help us be aware that you are going to recommend another platform.

What are the key benefits of becoming an Agility partner?

We work with our partners to engage customers, reduce project risk, and ensure successful business outcomes plus lots of other great benefits!:

  • Recurring revenue sharing on all leads you bring to Agility
  • Direct access to platform developers and support
  • Easy access to beta features and ability to provide direct feedback of our roadmap
  • Leads!
  • Co-selling, we work together to help find the right solutions for your team and for the Agility platform
  • Co-marketing options
  • Higher margins on customer projects
  • Happier customers

As a partner, how can we train our developers to build on Agility?

Agility is a true cloud, multi-tenanted CMS that we manage for you. That means your developers can focus on what they do best, building websites! Our CMS is built for developers by developers and Agility offers free in-person and remote workshops, as well as online tutorials and walkthroughs. In addition, every developer gets access to their own sandbox for testing. Developer certifications are also on the horizon!

What kind of support does Agility provide?

Agility provides support to both editors and administrators who use the CMS as well as developers who are building solutions using Agility – this is included for all of our partners. Support channels include our embedded chat within the content manager, email, form submission through the help site, and our help site forum.

Does Agility co-sell with partners and how do I know this will make a good partnership?

Yes! Understanding your customer's needs is our top priority. We are there every step of the way throughout the entire sales cycle to help support, provide recommendations, documentation and to host any product demos whenever and wherever. We can also help build a prototype, a great way to showcase all the critical components of Agility in action!

Having a partnership you can count on, share the same values — and passions and goals, too — is likely to head toward a successful one rather than something that just won't fit for anyone. We want everyone involved to succeed!