Headless CMS ++

What Headless CMS+ is Composed of

Headless CMS+ combines the benefits of a headless CMS architecture with a white glove service, offering a user-friendly interface and powerful content management capabilities for complex content.

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White Glove Service

Headless CMS+ goes beyond other CMS offerings by providing white glove service; you'll receive personalized assistance and support throughout the implementation and maintenance process and ongoing technical support to ensure a smooth experience.

Architected for Unique Content

Headless CMS+ is specifically designed to handle unique content structures. It provides flexible content modeling capabilities, allowing you to define custom content types and relationships. 

Layout Management

While headless CMS platforms typically focus on managing content as individual pieces, Headless CMS+ extends its functionality to include the management of full pages while maintaining the headless architecture. 

Screenshot of Scotiabank Website

Scotiabank: Delivering Exceptional and Secure Content Experience

As one of Canada's Big Five banks, Scotiabank found Agility CMS a perfect partner for fast and reliable content management.

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See how >

The Headless CMS Features You Know and Love

The Headless CMS for businesses seeking personalized, scalable, and future-proofed content management solutions.

Command Line Interface

Command Line Interface

Enhance the development and management of content for future-proof, scalable architecture.


Deliver content efficiently, adapt to changing technologies, and provide engaging experiences across various channels and platforms.
Live Preview

Live Preview

Visualize and review content in real-time before publishing it to a live website or application.

The Headless Requirements You Need

Agility makes it easy to set your content free.


A Component-Based Approach

Discover complete control over your presentation layer with Agility's sitemaps and modules.


Combine and Arrange With Composable Architecture

Mix and match components to create custom layouts and designs, tailoring the presentation to your specific needs with no-code integrations.


Robust Workflows and User-Roles

Streamline collaboration and safeguard your content with user-level access controls, ensuring both security and efficient workflows.

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