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Agility CMS Content Composability

Empowering Composable Content Creation

API-First Approach

API-First Approach

Agility CMS offers a powerful API-first approach, featuring RESTful and GraphQL APIs. These APIs provide developers with the tools to retrieve structured content efficiently. By enabling content to be fetched and assembled in various layouts, designs, and platforms, Agility CMS significantly enhances the composability of your content.
MACH Alliance Membership

MACH Alliance Membership

As an active member of the MACH Alliance (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless), Agility CMS is committed to promoting composable architectures for digital experiences. This collaboration underscores our dedication to facilitating composability within modern tech stacks, ensuring that your content remains adaptable and responsive across various touchpoints.
Dynamic Marketplace

Dynamic Marketplace

Navigate our diverse marketplace designed to supercharge your composability. Discover a curated collection of modular components, templates, and plugins, equipping you to effortlessly integrate and harmonize elements. This expansive resource empowers you to construct captivating digital experiences with remarkable simplicity.

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