Unlock Efficiency and Masterful Control with Layout Management

From precision in content placement to proactive duplication prevention, our unique standing as the sole Headless CMS with built-in Layout Management cultivates a finely tuned digital strategy for your enterprise's unprecedented success.

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Leading Brands Choose Agility CMS
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Harness the Power of Precision

Maximize Your Efficiency

Seamlessly organize your content with clear, precise placement across your website, ensuring a user-friendly experience for both editors and developers. Enjoy the benefits of a structured taxonomy, enabling effortless content discovery and management within your CMS.

Improve SEO Scores

Say goodbye to duplicated content and boost your SEO efforts. Our layouts are designed to prevent content duplication, ensuring a clean and optimized content structure that positively impacts your search engine rankings.

Streamline Your Development Process

Reduce your development time and complexity by utilizing our reusable layout building blocks. Enjoy consistent coding outputs that are easily modifiable, allowing you to adapt and grow your digital presence with confidence.

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