Scotiabank: Delivering Exceptional and Secure Content Experience

As one of Canada's Big Five banks, Scotiabank found Agility CMS a perfect partner for fast and reliable content management.


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Editor Satisfaction

Agility CMS allows Scotiabank to maintain consistent content infrastructure and high-security performance across numerous international locations and lines of business.

Scotiabank came to Agility when they needed to quickly and security launch several websites for new regions that they expanded into. These regions included several countries such as Mexico and others in South America.

A Need For A Security and Content Management Solution 

Scotiabank is a Canadian multinational banking and financial services company with the highest requirements for security and reliability. As one of Canada's Big Five banks, and the third-largest Canadian bank by deposits and market capitalization, Scotiabank was looking for a perfect partner for fast and reliable content management.




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A Successful Website With Agility CMS 

Agility CMS has successfully met Scotiabank's high demanding needs since 2008:

  • Easiness to adapt and add functionality to their site with their own developers' teams and implementation partners internationally
  • Having full control of the website code
  • 100% confidence in Enterprise-grade security and reliability

Part 1: Digital Property Creation

Separate content instances were created in Agility CMS for each representative country. This allows each country to use their own content teams to manage the content that's specific and important to them. This was especially important because of the regionality of the languages in Latin America.

Part 2: Authentication

All users of the Scotiabank CMS instances need to be authenticated securely to Agility using their existing corporate logins. This authentication process should carry forward any rules and branding that are already in use at Scotiabank.

Security and Content Management Solved

Agility CMS successfully delivered:

  1. Superior Security Standards
  2. High-performant Canadian database
  3. Easy and user-friendly content management with creative and functional flexibility

Each of the six countries in Scotiabank's Latin America portfolio is able to independently manage the content on their websites. Further, they are able to authenticate to Agility CMS using their Scotiabank corporate credentials via their existing Azure Active Directory login page.

Scotiabank's security team has performed independent audits of the Agility CMS platform, which Agility has passed with flying colours each year.

Scotiabank has successfully rebranded and rebuilt the website front-ends for each country over the many years that they've been on the Agility CMS platform. The development teams have re-used the existing content from Agility to save time and resources on each rebuild and design refresh.

Exceptional User Experience

Agility CMS delivered exceptional User Experience to the team of content editors and developers.

2020 NPS (Net Promoter Score: How likely are you to Recommend Agility CMS) was an average of 9.5 among Scotiabank marketing and development teams.

View Some of International Scotiabank Sites live:




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