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Through a fusion of marketing intelligence and creative problem-solving, we innovate and create memorable, effective marketing strategies for clients, regardless of your specific business niche or the complexity of your marketing challenges. Our passion is creating amazing solutions for - and with - clients who are ready take their business, brand, and what they do for their customers and audience to the next level. We are your partner in growing your message and brand with a uniquely authentic and memorable voice that stands out from and above the crowd.

While Connor has plenty of experience with Traditional CMS and Wordpress, he strongly believes in modern JAMstack and Headless CMS approach:

"With Headless/Jamstack workflow, you can have a landing page content type and simply fill in the relevant information, endpoints, tracking, relevant CTA creatives, and where you want them to appear, and the front-end will dynamically generate the landing page and place/update CTAs across your entire site (or even app); no more messing about with bloated page builders, and then having to manually update a CTA on each individual page where you want one. Furthermore, it's inevitable that branding and design trends will change, but your core messaging, if done well, won't. Instead of having to rebuild an entire landing page, you now have an evergreen content repository, and all you need to worry about is working with your designers and developers how to present that content. In short: you get more time to actually be a marketer, doing marketing things, than doing grunt work copy and pasting content and links ad naseum."

Case study: Trend Trading Signals

TTS project KPIs, accomplished within 6 months:

• 12k unique global visitors in the first month after launch
• 5+ KW on SERP1 after 3 mos.
• Organic CTR 9%-17%
• 69% SCR
• $22K+ MRR

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"While it takes a bit of effort to 'unlearn' workflows of traditional, monolithic CMSes and learn the new Headless/Jamstack workflow, the opportunities and efficiencies given to marketers is exponentially greater." Connor Whitman, CEO and Founder  

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