NODE MIDDLEWARE: How to Use Node Middleware With a Headless CMS in 2020

WebinarJun 18, 20204:00PM

  1. Do you think that orchestrating multiple serverless functions is overly complex? Would you rather run a traditional web app?
  2. Do You want to run JavaScript on a server?
  3. Would You like to have a consistent backend, while the frontend can vary such as React, VueJS, Vanilla JS...?

JavaScript, JavaScript, JavaScript oh my!

Yes, it is taking the world by storm. It runs in the browser, on the server, and even on devices like TVs!

When it comes to building websites with JavaScript you've got options.

You can use a JAMstack architecture with a static site generator, or you can build an isomorphic JS app that runs JS on the server to process each request. Whatever your jam is, you can still easily integrate with Agility CMS.

In this talk, we are welcoming our guest Arjuna Shankar, who has built an Agility CMS middleware component that takes care of data access and page rendering in a Node JS and allows you to use ANY type of frontend. We'll learn about how it works and how to get started.

Why you should attend:

  • You want to use Agility CMS with a server-side programming
  • You love JavaScript and the idea of a single middleware that can be used with any frontend framework
  • You love the idea of JAMstack, but still value running server-side code.

What you will learn: 

  • How to query Agility CMS in a Node JS based website
  • Best practice setup with any JS frontend framework
  • How the Agility Sync SDK works

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