Feb 23, 2022

Digital Transformation Guide: Using Modern DXP Solutions

A CMO & Marketing Leader's Guide to Digital Transformation

The Digital Guide

It is no secret that the importance of providing a stellar customer experience has grown to the point of becoming a necessity for longevity in business. In fact, 87% of business owners and executives view the customer experience as their highest growth engine.

 As cloud technology and artificial intelligence continue to advance and provide new opportunities for better CX, the demand for a digital customer experience that is personalized, seamless, and convenient has been increasing just as rapidly. 

The Digital Experience Platform Transformation

All businesses have a digital toolset. That toolset is often unique based on the various teams and departments. Every aspect of the business, from marketing and sales, finance, customer success, research, and development, will have the tools in use that have evolved to best meet their needs.

Marketing teams use automation tools to filter leads and measure conversion. Sales teams use CRM to optimize their funnel and to hand off new customers to the success teams.  Those customer success teams will use various tools to maintain a high Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Anchoring all of the tools is an organization’s website, and the main tool for your website is a Content Management System.  We will see how the CMS has become central to nearly all aspects of your organization’s content and brand identity.

Shift to the Cloud

Tools evolve over time.  Where once a sales team might have had an on-premise CRM, they might now use a cloud-based solution like Salesforce or Dynamics.

The shift to cloud-based tools has been spurred on by several factors, and the net effect is that many organizations have already shifted a significant portion, if not all, of their digital toolset to the cloud.

For CMS, the move to the cloud brought with it a new breed of the platform that can communicate easily with other tools, becoming the central hub for all digital content in an organization. Each tool that used to sit in its own silo can now be part of the overall solution, forming a modern Digital Experience Platform.

Keep reading: What Exactly is a Modern DXP? | Agility CMS

Digital Consolidation vs Agile Thinking

Digital tools should be able to communicate easily, especially those that are based in the cloud.  Sadly, this has not always been the case, leading organizations to be wary of interoperability between systems. Can the CRM and CMS integrate with the Marketing Automation system? What about e-commerce? What about finance?

One of the answers to the question over interoperability and integrations is to consolidate DXP into a single platform. One system to rule them all! All problems solved, right? Sadly, this is often not the case.

Keep Learning about DXP

This Digital Transformation Guide will highlight the most modern, future-proof approach to digital transformation, and industry-leading software so you can focus on generating more revenue.

Discover Digital Transformation Strategies that will:

  • Streamline your workflows for a more cohesive workplace culture

  • Enhance or improve the technological interfaces you use to connect with your customers

  • Provide a complete roadmap for a future-proof strategy

  • Help you become a technological early adopter to establish or maintain a competitive edge 

What's Included in this Digital Transformation Guide?

  • The Digital Experience Platform Transformation
  • The Role of a Digital Experience Platform In Digital Transformation
  • Benefits of Modern Digital Experience Platforms 
  • Agile Digital Transformation Strategy Outline 
  • Digital Customer Experience Trends for 2022
  • Industry Leaders in the DXP space




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